Practitioner’s Certificate in Executive Coaching

Become a credible, accredited executive coach. Clients expect qualified, professional coaches


ONE STEP TO An Accredited international QUALIFICATION

This programme is for professionals who want to develop into highly regarded, credible executive coaches or for leaders who want to develop and strengthen their coaching skills. Trainees develop their own coaching style and adapt it to the Multiplex approach – a framework for exceptional practice.

Whatever your background profession, our aim is to help you become qualified by practical expertise. Your qualification will be recognised internationally – it is accredited on the Malta and European Qualifications Framework at Level 5 and worth 30 Credits.

What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is a goal oriented process that supports people at work. It is a creative partnership that empowers a client to develop productive behaviours, accelerate performance and tap into one’s unused potential.

Whether your client is in a new role, transitioning to a more complex role or experiencing difficulties in their leadership position coaching can accelerate performance and impact the bottom line.

What will I learn?

  • The core coaching skills required at a practitioner’s level to practice independently in the corporate environment
  • A gestalt and neuroscientific coaching approach
  • Different concepts, approaches and models which enable insight and change in others
  • Self- awareness and emotional intelligence in your role as an executive coach
  • Adult learning and behaviour change
  • The role of competencies in executive coaching and their application across the Human Resources Life Cycle
  • Management of ethical situations that may arise
  • Coaching leaders and different levels of work complexity
  • Refer to the course structure section for a more detailed outline of each module.

Course Overview

Our programme is an experiential growth process that is offered part time over the course of one year. It is designed for people who work full time who have committed to a year of learning and developing a new identity – one of an executive coach.

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To successfully complete the programme, there are four assignments to complete. These are reflective in nature and you are expected to integrate personal reflections with your own research and readings. You will also be assessed informally through observed coaching practice throughout the workshops providing you with the opportunity to grow through peer and tutor feedback.


“The Multiplex Coaching course is a dynamic mixture of theory, tools and experiential learning that has brought me a wealth of experience and a wonderful foundation for applying my skills in the workplace. Many thanks to the whole Multiplex team for their mentoring and support throughout this process that continues to deepen my knowledge and fine tune my coaching skills towards greater and greater results. I highly recommend the Diploma in Coaching course.”

Nadine Stilon De Piro

“Attending the Multiplex Coaching course was a wonderful experience. It ticked all the boxes for me. There was the lecturing which was informative, clear and delivered with such insight and energy. Then the practical exercises were fun and also enabled us to put our learning into practice. James and Cathy were always there to provide additional support and encouragement. During the programme, in between sessions and even after the programme. I highly recommend the Multiplex Coaching programme!”

Sandy Scerri

“The efficient combination of foundational theory, practical, and written work made this course a holistic learning experience for me. The lecturers, experienced in Gestalt coaching, and with a strong focus on competencies, facilitated a process of growth in me, and I am now confidently coaching clients in my independent coaching practice. Of great value is the ongoing supervision I receive from Multiplex, which supports me in my new career. ”

Susan Bentley


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